Oficiální zastoupení Botiss Biomaterials pro ČR


Botiss biomaterials and BLX implants: a smart combination
Dr. Massimo Frosecchi, Italy

Dr. Frosecchi presents his approach of implant-supported restorations using a newly-developed dental implant and simultaneous soft- and hard tissue augmentation.

Dr. Frosecchi is Professor a c. in Implantology and Scientific evidences at the University of Genoa, Italy, and he is fellow of the Italian section of ITI. Since 2013 he runs a private practice in Florence, Italy.

In this webinar he demonstrates the augmentation of missing periimplant bone and soft tissue by means of different grafting techniques and the use of cerabone® and mucoderm®. He discusses the possibilities and limits of the immediacy approach and presents the detailed surgical steps using different case scenarios.

mucoderm® is an acellular collagen matrix derived from porcine dermis that offers a safe alternative to autologous soft tissue transplants.